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Shipping Conditions - From Germany to the World! Versand- & Zahlungsbedingungen

We ship worldwide with german Premium Parcel Service DHL / DHL Express Network

1. Costs of Shipping / transportation - worldwide
2. Value added tax (VAT) and customs duty
3. Payments
4. Our order process
5. Guarantee/ Warranty (2 years)
6. Delivery time

1. Costs of Shipping
8,95 EUR
  AT . Oesterreich
all prices with 19% VAT
10,95 EUR
  BE . Belgium
  NL . Netherlands
  CZ . Czech Republic   DK . Denmark
  LU . Luxembourg
all prices with 19% VAT
18,95 EUR
  BG . Bulgaria
  GR . Greece
  LV . Latvia
  PL . Poland
  SE . Sweden
  HU . Hungary
  EE . Estonia
  GB . United Kingdom
  LT . Lithuania
  PT . Portugal
  SK . Slovakia
  CY . Cyprus
  FI . Finla nd
  IE . Ireland
  MT . Malta
  RO . Romania
  SI . Slovenia
  FR . France
  IT . Italy
  MC . Monaco
  SM . San Marino
  ES . Spain
all prices with 19% VAT
24,95 EUR
  CH . Switzerland   NO . Norway   LI . Liechtenstein
all prices with 0% VAT
32,95 EUR
  RU . Russia
all prices with 0% VAT
39,95 EUR
  US . USA   CA . Canada   UA . Ukraine
all prices with 0% VAT
59,95 EUR
... all countries worldwide not listed above.
all prices with 0% VAT
2. Value added tax (VAT) and customs duty
Countries of the EU (European Union):

For all countries of EU (European Union), the prices includes 19% VAT (the german VAT). You dont have to pay your national VAT. The final price in our shop is the final price you have to pay. So save money with low german VAT with ordering in Germany!

Countries NOT part of EU (European Union):

For all countries NOT part of EU (European Union), the prices will switch to zero VAT (0% VAT) in the summary of your order (order-step 3 of 4). So you can order without 19% german VAT.
PLEASE NOTE: According to the national VAT regulations of your country, you have to pay the national VAT of your country to the forwarding/ shipping parcel service.

Customs duty is included in shipping costs.

3. Payments

Vorauskasse: We deliver your order after incoming payments to our german IBAN bank acount. (payment via bank transfer / IBAN / SEPA)

MasterCard, VisaCard, Amex: We accept MasterCard, VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
Attention: For paying with this payment method, it is neccessary that your country is part of the country select list at the personal data form. Is your country NOT part of the country select list, please write email to "" with your country. We will add it to the list immediately.

Paypal: Worldwide - very popular - working payment modul, known from EBAY.

4. Our order process

There are 4 easy steps in order process:

First of all, choose whether you want to create an sales account or not.

After that, fill in the form with your personal data.

STEP 1 of 4: Shipping Method - choose your shipping zone and click "Weiter"-Button

STEP 2 of 4: payment Method - choose your payment method and click "Weiter"-Button

STEP 3 of 4: Order Summary - check your order (in case of credit card payment fill in credit card dates), assign "Ich habe die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen gelesen und akzeptiert:" (terms of trade) and click "BESTELLEN"-Button

STEP 4 of 4: Your order was succesfully completed!

5. Guarantee/ Warranty (2 years)

The warranty/ guarantee time is 6 month. Until 6 month after delivery, we will process any case of warranty at our own cost. So we will send spare parts or if necessary we will make an exchange for free.

After this 6 month, up to 2 years, we will help you to contact the producer and to complain the defect/ damage.

6. Delivery time

Transportation time
Transportation time from Germany to EU: 1 - 3 days
Transportation time from Germany to the world (Non-EU): 5 - 20 days

Production time
All products that are in our stock will be send the day after purchase. All products that are not in stock and have to be produced are marked in the product name with the regular production time (for example '3 bis 4 Wochen Lieferzeit' means '3 to 4 weeks production time') .